It has been proven that joining a group for parents and children can benefit both parent and child. It can help the child become more independent and confident. Here at The Exchange we host musical classes for babies and young children led by the friendly and experienced Anna Thomas. Each Monday Anna brings her fantastic Musical Bumps classes to our cellar which is enjoyed by babies, toddlers and even the parents. Read on to find out more about what you can expect from her classes...

Musical Bumps Leicester

How did you get into Musical Bumps and how long have you been doing it?

I started Musical Bumps South Leicestershire in February 2016.  I was looking for a change in career after having children so researched early years music education options.  I came across Musical Bumps and their ethos of childhood development through music really appealed.  I liked the idea of running my own business under licence with the support from HQ but the freedom to be me and deliver classes in my own style.

Where are you based?

I am based in South Leicestershire and currently offer classes here at The Exchange on a Monday morning and in Wigston on a Friday.  I will be adding a third day from September, and am currently looking for an ideal venue, watch this space!

Leicester Musical Bumps

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your background?

Music has been a huge part of my upbringing, I don’t come from a musical family but my parents always encouraged me to try new things.  After joining a local church choir and learning to play the obligatory recorder at primary school I found I really enjoyed it.  I love performing and over the years have sung in many choirs and played in bands, with the odd TV appearance (as a child).  I can play the clarinet, tenor saxophone, piano and most importantly I’m a singer.  I knew music was something I wanted to pursue so studied it at degree level and then completed my teaching qualification.  I spent 14 years as a secondary school music teacher at various schools in Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire but after the birth of my second child I decided to have a change in career.  My boys are 2 and 5 years old, so my life is none stop crazy with them, whether it’s den building in the woods or being a rugby mum life is never quiet.

Do you do this full time?

I currently run classes two days a week, but spend most evenings planning classes, marketing and general admin.

What does an average day look like for you?

Days in my house start early not by choice, usually 6am, but we’re working on the early riser! A good cup of tea never goes a miss.  On class days, I drop my little ones off at nursery and school and then head to my class location, boot over flowing with percussion, puppets and mats. After setting up the music goes on starting with the infamous Musical Bumps Fanfare (I call it the Anna fanfare!).  I enjoy meeting the littles ones in my classes and their parents/carers.  Classes usually involve lots of singing, giggles, actions, puppets, instruments, and movement.  After the classes are over it’s time to pack up.  If I’m at The Exchange I might have a cheese scone (warm) if I’m feeling naughty – they are soooo good.  Then it’s a dash home, unload the ever-expanding kit bag and paraphernalia, throw the puppets and mats in the wash and dash to do the school run.  

Musical Bumps At The Exchange

Where do you get your inspiration for your classes?

Musical Bumps classes are age specific and planned in termly blocks to focus on a key development areas. This enables progression of skills, whether it’s music, social or language skills etc. A few core songs are used through-out a term to provide familiarity and classes follow the same structure each week.  I often change activities whilst I’m teaching depending on the class vibe, weather outside or special events.

What part of the classes do you enjoy the most?

There isn’t one particular part of the class I enjoy most. The most rewarding part is when I see a spark or “penny drop” from a child.  When a child first understanding the difference between sound and silence when we play percussion musical statues, or the first time they sing along to twinkle twinkle, it melts my heart.  

How long have you been running classes at The Exchange?

Musical Bumps have been running classes at The Exchange since September 2016.  I love our magical little world we create in the cellar on a Monday morning.

Musical Bumps At The Exchange

What can you expect from a class?

Classes generally run for 45/50 minutes leaving time for a chat at the end, some parents often stay for refreshments and a chance for the little ones to socialise.  Classes follow the same structure each week with a variety of songs and rhymes.  In the baby class we have bouncing songs, tummy time rhymes, puppets, baby percussion, movement and cuddle time ending with a lullaby section to calm.  The toddler classes are a little livelier, lots of fine and gross motor skills to develop as well as songs for language development.  The selection of songs and rhymes gives parents/carers a tool kit to use at home, and everyone goes home with a song sheet from that class.

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