Leicester based photographer Dean Leivers is offering a series of photography workshops for beginners. His introduction to studio lighting workshop will be taking place at The Exchange in our cellar on 29th July. 

 “I’ve worked as a photographer and creative practitioner for just over a decade and have been working in education settings for a variety of organisations for the last ten years” says Dean. “A few of my clients over the last few months had been expressing an interest in developing their own understanding of the basics of photography. I thought that offering a series of affordable workshops would give them and others a chance to learn a bit more about the sometimes daunting technical aspects of photography.” 

"I’ve found that not everyone wants to do a full academic course, either due to cost or time constraints so I designed the workshops to suit those that want to dip into particular areas. I purposely kept the maximum group sizes low too so everyone has the opportunity to get enough attention for their particular needs during the sessions.”


Dean chose the Exchange for it’s central location and relaxed atmosphere and is hoping that it will become a regular feature on the Exchange’s event calendar.

“The cellar space is an ideal venue for the studio lighting workshop. I’m pleased that I’ve found somewhere to give people the opportunity to experiment with and use photographic equipment that is usually out of reach to those who are just starting out due to the costs involved.”

For information on how to book onto the session and to see what other workshops are on offer, visit Dean’s website at www.leiversphotography.co.uk/workshops

Dean is also hosting a monthly group for freelancers under the banner of #socialedit which gives freelance creatives of any practice a chance to get together.

 “I’ve found since going freelance that it can be a lonely pursuit, spending a lot of time in front of a monitor in my home office working alone. I wanted to create an environment for myself and other freelance creatives to come together and work on projects outside of their usual space. A change of scene always works wonders for me and I thought it might be a good way to catch up with those I know in the creative industries but also allow others to meet and network with new people too.”

It’s hoped that #socialedit will run on the first Wednesday of every month but will largely depend on any freelance work that comes Dean’s way. For the most up to date information check his Twitter page at https://twitter.com/deanleivers