Restaurants have been offering food and wine pairing recommendations for many years, but today the growing trend of food and beer pairing seems to be increasingly popular. Beer has long been thought of as a less complex drink. However the craft beer movement and increase of micro breweries seems to be putting an end to this stereotype. 

Beer is best served with great food. Here at The Exchange we have a variety of fantastic beers including Pilsner Urquel. Why not try Pilsner Urquel poured three different traditional ways, just like in Prague, Czech? Crisp, smooth and milk, each pour paired with complimenting food. 


Crisp is the traditional pour, usually paired with meats. The meat is not the point though, it's all about the beer.

Smooth is served with a starter, usually things like mushrooms brushed with garlic and thyme and it's half head, half beer. The silky head makes it taste sweeter, smoother.

Milk is pretty much all silky creamy head and is traditionally drunk by grannies. It's best paired with a sweet chocolate dessert as the sweetness from the head provides an ultimate sweet pairing. 


Come down to the bar and experience this beer and food dining experience yourself. Ask a member of our staff for more details. 

Do you love beer and pizza? Watch this space, beer and pizza pairings coming soon to the bar soon!