Set The Bar are events for experienced creatives working for Creative & Digital Agencies, Design Studios & Production & Event Companies across Leicestershire. Their next event will be held at The Exchange on Thursday 21st September 7pm - 9pm. If you work in advertising and marketing, have a fondness for design, the creative craft and generally being inspired, then this is the event for you. 

Disruption in the Creative Industries

It seems like every couple of years something happens that has a seismic effect on the way the Creative Industries work. Whether it’s Virtual Reality or even Brexit, things don’t stand still for long. Set The Bar take a look at some of what’s coming, what’s already here, and what we can do to ensure we’re ready when whatever it is arrives.

Set The Bar

Guest Speakers

Ashika Chauhan - bigdog, Digital Creative Director

Developing A Disruptive Mindset: In a world where disruption has become commonplace, how can we be best positioned to stay relevant, and beyond that, become disruptors ourselves?

Tracy Harwood - De Montfort University, Reader in Digital Marketing and Consumer Culture

Future of Relationship Marketing: Cyborg Service Encounter.In this presentation, Tracy looks at an overview of some emerging technologies and their potential applications for relationship marketing. Recent hype about the disruptive capabilities of robots and future AGIs in the media has resulted in recent calls for humans to 'become cyborg' lest we get left behind, but what might this mean in practice and how might it change the way we interact in business?

Set The Bar

Set The Bar aims to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Leicester advertising and marketing community. Everyone knows the best conversations happen in the bars after an event, so we thought why not skip to the good stuff and miss out the dull bit? If you have a fondness for design, the creative craft and generally being inspired to raise your game, join us for an evening of thought provoking discussion and presentations with the best and the brightest.